Just a few miles south from the 'Amani Tiwi Beach Resort'is the famous 'Diani Beach & Robinson Island'.

A favorite place for the locals of Mombasa & Kenya, and offers great, safe snorkeling for young and old.

Fully escorted trips to the 'Robinson Island' for snorkeling with Baracuda Diving Team are available from the water sports office on a daily basis.

Approx 2.5 hours, trip includes full snorkeling equipment.

Snorkeller on a reef
Having fun snorkelling
Snorkelling in warm water

 On a typical coral reef more than 75% of the fishes are diurnal species that spend the daylight hours on the surface of the reef. Most coral reef fishes are Wrasse, Damsel fish, Butterfly, Surgeon, Parrot, Angle fish, and Snappers.

Approximately 30% of reef fishes are cryptic reef species, seldom noticed by the casual observer. Most are generally small and well camouflaged. Moray eels, Gobies and Scorpion fish fit this category.

Approximately 10% of reef fishes are primarily nocturnal, emerging at night to feed on the top of the & reef system. A surprising number of reef fish, almost 10% live on or beneath the sand. Snake eels, Lizard fish, & Sand Perch, and many Gobies are just are few.